• Total Questions:130
  • Total Marks:130
  • Total Duration:120 minutes
  • Negative Marking: 0.25 marks

Section1: Quantitative Ability

No. of Questions: 30

This was supposed to be moderate section for a well prepared student. Like last year this year too there were 10 questions based on Data Interpretation, divided into two sets (Line and Table) of 5 questions each. Both the sets had basic calculations of percentage increase and decrease. Questions based on Percentages, Numbers, Ratios and their applications were relatively easy. There were very few questions from Algebra and that too were easy to attempt. There were no questions from Geometry or mensuration neither there were challenging topics like Permutation & Combinations. This would have surely got smiles on lot of faces. Around 5 questions were based on miscellaneous mathematical logic. Overall the section can be considered as Moderate. A well prepared student would have attempted 24+ Questions with 85%+ accuracy. Ideal time allotted to this section could be 30-35 Minutes. Good score in this section could be 17+.

Section2: General English

No. of Questions: 40

There were two passages carrying 6 questions each. Both the passages were of moderate difficulty level. Unique thing this year was that in one of the RC’s there were few words that were bold and test taker was required to find its synonym/antonym in the questions. Candidate attempting both passages would need a good reading speed. More than half of this section was based on Vocabulary, ranging from questions to find correct Spelling, Fill in the blanks with appropriate word, Synonyms, Antonyms and One word substitution. Wordy wise candidates would have capitalised on this whereas others would have opted out swiftly. There were around 10 questions on grammar which can be classified as Moderate. Overall the section can be considered Easy. Candidate with good command over language would have attempted 30+ questions in 30 minutes. Good score could be 21+.

Section 3: Analytical and Logical Reasoning

No. of Questions: 30

This section can be claimed as one of the easiest section this year. Statement Assumption, Assertion Reasoning and Statement Conclusion together comprised of around 10 questions. There were one set based on puzzles and one set on arrangements (linear arrangements). Questions based on finding right series (Alphabetical and Number series), direction sense were easy to crack. Also questions on coding, finding odd one out and missing figure were very easy. There was a question on Clocks while around 4 questions were based on miscellaneous reasoning. Overall the section can be classified as Easy and good attempts can be close to 26+ in 35 minutes. Good score could be 22+.

Section 4: General Awareness

No. of Questions: 30

Most of the questions in this section can be classified as static question. A good weightage was given to questions based on Constitution, Geography, History and Economy. There were around 4- 5 questions based on sports. Very few questions on Business and economics were asked. Question from current affairs were easy. There were few questions on International organisation. Overall the section was Moderate. A well prepared candidate could have attempted 20+ questions in 10-15 minutes. Good score could be 13+.


Section Total Questions Level of difficulty Good score

Sections Total Questions Level of Difficulty Good Score
Quantitative Ability 30 Moderate 17
General English 40 Easy 21
Analytical and Logical Reasoning 30 Easy 22
General Awareness 30 Moderate 13
Overall 130 Moderate 69


Percentile Net Score
80 % ile 46 – 48
85 %ile 49 – 50
90 %ile 54 – 56
95 % ile 58 – 60
98 % ile 68 – 71
99 % ile 78 – 80


Wishing all the students a great luck for results and for next stage of admission!
Team Endeavor