Top 7 MBA specialization in demand

Masters of Business Administration – highly in demand, offers lucrative growth opportunities and high pay-scale. However, the increase in MBA aspirants, and the ever-expanding MBA specializations, makes it difficult to pick the right career path for you. 

It is a no-brainer that getting an MBA increases your chances to secure a high-paying job. These advantages get amplified when you choose the right MBA specialization like finance, marketing, HR, and many more. But the question of the hour is, how to pick the best specialization for you? 

How to pick the right MBA specialization?

The leading CAT coaching institutes may provide you with a plethora of options. However, the first step towards picking the right course structure for you should be your interests. The cherry on the cake is if your passion becomes your career. 

Then comes the finances, your courses investments, average salary packages, market demand, job opportunities, etc. Endeavor Careers is here to help you sort out your preferences. With a proven methodology, experienced faculty, and fun-filled learning we provide classroom teaching as well online coaching for CAT in a personalized way. 

To start with, let’s take a look at the top MBA specialization in 2021, which can help you understand the market demands before starting your CAT preparation.  

Top 7 MBA Specializations in India

1. MBA in Marketing Management

MBA in Marketing is a dynamic program that requires excellent communication skills, resource mobilization strategies, and the zeal to learn and excel in the stiff market competition. Marketing is among the most exploited fields in MBA, and a specialization course in this domain can do wonders for your career in sales and marketing.

An MBA in Marketing Management keeps you in the spotlight. It’s a role that comes with responsibility, integrity, and molds you to become a leader in its true sense. Today, an MBA specialization in marketing isn’t just about traditional marketing strategies. It encompasses much-in-demand digital marketing, in-depth consumer behavior analysis, tactical planning, and a lot more. 

2. MBA in Human Resource Management

Be it boom or gloom – HR specialists are always in demand, and the trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Critical business decisions like resource recruitment, employee compensation plans, promotions, appraisals, and a lot more rest on the shoulders of an HR Manager. MBA specialization in HRM is a no-brainer for business aspirants willing to explore sectors like industrial relations, resource development, and core business planning.

People with a charismatic personality, superlative communication skills, and a leadership mindset should definitely pursue an MBA in Human Resource Management. It’s a lucrative career path with diverse growth opportunities and handsome packages too. Moreover, 90% of the corporate recruiters believe the demand for B-school graduates would either increase or remain stable in the coming five years. So, if you think you have what it takes to manage the workforce of an organization and bring the best out of each individual, this MBA specialization is tailor-made for you.

Increasing demands for MBA graduates

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3. MBA in Hotel Management

Noah Bleicher along with his partner took “Viet Nom Nom” from a small food outlet to a big catering company. According to Noah he would have not been able to envision and execute Viet Nom Nom without the education and the classwork from his MBA. The hospitality industry offers plentiful growth opportunities to business aspirants looking to make a name for themselves in the hotel management sector. It ranks among the top MBA specializations, and the reason for the same is simple – exceptional customer service is a top priority for all organizations and business entities. Hospitality management experts get this done to increase consumer satisfaction level, customer retention rate, and more.

This way, you’re able to build a loyal community of consumers via your hotel management skills. Individuals who are disciplined, punctual, empathetic, and perform well under stress should enroll themselves in a hotel management MBA program. You can excel in various job profiles of your preference that include restaurant manager, quality assurance executive, duty manager, and many more.

4. MBA in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are passionate innovators who leave no stone unturned to see their business idea come to life and compete with other brands in the marketplace. An MBA in Entrepreneurship prepares you for the various ups and downs that you’ll witness in your business establishment journey. This degree encompasses core subjects like small business management, venture capital, etc., to shape your entrepreneur career in the right direction.

It sits right at the top of the MBA specializations in demand, thanks to various government initiatives to cultivate and empower the startup culture in India. Entrepreneurship is a double-edged sword that involves high risk but reaps rich dividends too. You should pursue an MBA in Entrepreneurship to ensure you land on the right side of the spectrum and make most of your capital investment with innovative business ideas. Furthermore, an MBA in entrepreneurship doesn’t limit yourself to being an entrepreneur. Instead, it can open up even more job prospects for you such as Business consultants, Sales managers, etc.

MBA in Entrepreneurship opportunities

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5. MBA in Financial Management

Finance is undoubtedly the most influential wheel of commerce. Subjects like financial and managerial accounting, data analytics, corporate budgeting, and microeconomics for management make you ready to tackle various finance-related scenarios in the corporate world. MBA in Financial Management is a versatile degree that prepares you for diverse job responsibilities within and beyond finance.

You can pave your own success path through sheer hard work and secure reputable profiles in esteemed organizations. Your career as a Financial Analyst, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Corporate Controller, etc., depends on the effort you had put in while pursuing your MBA specialization in finance. Extensive financial knowledge coupled with sufficient hands-on experience is a big plus and helps you land your dream job in finance.

6. MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chains form a connected world of their own with multidisciplinary aspects running in parallel. If you’re intrigued to know what goes on behind the scenes, you might be on your way to becoming a Logistics Manager. MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management encapsulates different fields in MBA that include project planning, logistical support, production, risk control, and distribution.

This course offers the perfect blend of standard business administration curriculum with added focus on supply chain management verticals. Respectable corporate profiles like Global Logistics Manager, Warehousing Manager, Transportation Executive, etc., are up for grabs post successful completion of your MBA in the supply chain.

7. MBA in International Business

MBA in International Business is regarded as the best MBA specialization for the future given the existing and upcoming market trends in India. Business aspirants willing to go the extra mile and learn about currency exchange, international market trends, foreign consumer analysis, and more shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to pick this as their MBA course.

This business management program opens the window for an array of multifaceted international business opportunities. Profiles like International Project Manager, Product Manager, and Project Architect are within your reach when you complete this master’s specialization. A Project manager from a top Business school can earn a whopping average salary of 22 lacs per annum. Moreover, the transition from one role to another is the smoothest for individuals who have completed their MBA in International Business.

Take the Ownership

The benefits of pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration are endless. You get lucrative career opportunities, specialization in core business fields, and high-paying jobs. MBA specialization is all about in-depth exploration of your area of interest, and there’s no sure-shot answer to which is the best MBA specialization. You’re the driver here, and any specialization completed with dedicated efforts yields positive results. 

In case of any confusion feel free to reach out to us for career counseling. At Endeavor Careers, experienced faculty with a corporate background will support and hand-hold you to choose the best specialization as per your personal strength!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which MBA specialization is best?

MBA specialization in any of the mainstream fields offers lucrative job opportunities at respectable profiles. Your area of interest and subject competency decides which one is ideal for you. With CAT coaching at Endeavor Careers, you increase your chances of selection in the best MBA colleges which eventually helps to avail the best MBA specialization 

Which specialization in MBA pays the most?

Specialization in International Business and Financial Management comes with handsome packages and growth opportunities. However, your compensation plan depends on your organization, corporate experience, and job profile. 

Which specialization is best in MBA 2021?

MBA in Marketing and Financial Management continues to rule the MBA specialization trends in 2021. Students have a great inclination towards these subjects right from their school days. MBA in Digital Marketing and IT has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years, thanks to today’s tech-savvy audience.

Which field in MBA has more scope?

MBA specialization in Sales and Marketing is a safe bet. Be it an MNC or a budding startup – all business entities want to sell their product and services. Sales specialists help these organizations devise a strategic marketing campaign to secure maximum conversions while optimizing the overall costs.

Which MBA course is best for becoming CEO?

MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Public Policy are the best ones to pave your path towards the coveted “C-Suite” profiles. Excellent communication skills, crisis management competency, resource allocation, and a lot more come under prerequisites for becoming executive-level managers for any esteemed organization.

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