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Aspirants have their unique success mantras, study routines, and prep strategies that help them prepare for the Common Admission Test. After months of curriculum preparation, assignments, assessments, and revision – you start asking yourself, “is now the right time to get started with the CAT mock test series?” However, there should be a purpose behind everything you do to get ready for the CAT exam.

Writing several mocks leading up to the examination doesn’t guarantee positive results. Therefore, you need a value-driven mock test drive to assess your progress and gain something out of each attempt. You’ve to understand the concepts of time and stress management, get insights into the exam pattern, and become aware of your strengths and weaknesses by appearing for these mock exams.

Are you enrolling in a mock test series because everyone else is?

Are you aware of the benefits of writing CAT mocks?

It’s correctly said that “practice makes a man perfect.” And you need to ensure that your “practice” is strategy-driven by giving a curated mock test series that focuses on quality over quantity.

Online CAT mocks for your CAT 2021 preparation is the best foot forward given these unprecedented pandemic times. We at Endeavor Careers offer personalized mock test packages to cater to your specific exam prep requirements. You can also access our free mock test module to test your knowledge and see where you stand with your preparation.

Why Should Aspirants Bother about the CAT Mock Tests?

CAT preparation is no joke and requires a religious effort from the candidate backed by a punctual study routine. A harsh reality about CAT preparation is that it never ends. You can solve a tonne of questions, refine your knowledge, learn smart tricks but without giving tests, how will you assess your preparation and understanding? That’s why CAT mock test series holds high regard, and the reasons mentioned below add up to our point:

1. Helps you Understand your Strengths, Weaknesses, and Limitations

Which CAT exam sections give you a hard time during your preparation? Are there questions that consume a lot of time and cause trouble in the end? Which section is your strength and you’re confident of scoring? You can’t get holistic answers to these questions unless you appear for the CAT test series. Attempting verbal, reasoning, and analytical questions at the same time with a strict time constraint is a different ball game than solving sectional questions back-to-back. Endeavor Careers provides an in-depth analysis of your performance (as shown below) in each mock test so that you don’t need to worry about exam analysis.

 2. Reduces your Exam Nervousness

There’s not a day when serious CAT aspirants don’t get nervous about the exam, percentile, preparation, or admission. The CAT mock test series lowers your anxiety by giving you a feel of the exam before the actual attempt. Remember that your performance in a mock test isn’t a stamp of what you’ll do come the D-day but just a reflection of where you stand with your exam preparation and strategy. Good performance in mocks works wonders for candidates from a mental standpoint since they feel confident, ready, and prepared for the CAT exam.

3. Gives Insights on Time (and Stress) Management

Competitive exams require smart time management skills and the only way you can hone these skills is by appearing for regular mock tests. Time allocation for each section (verbal, logical, quant) and each question is where you make or break your chances of outperforming others in this test. The CAT mock tests help you formulate an optimized strategy, and you’re able to foster a target-oriented approach. This makes you aware of the questions you must attempt, the ones that you can put on stand-by, and also those that you’ll attempt only if time permits. After a few mocks, you’ll feel confident about your strategy, and the same will act as a stressbuster during the actual attempt.

4. Empowers you to Enhance your Strategy

Students devise the ideal exam strategy when they first start with their classroom or online CAT coaching sessions. They persist with it during their preparation and hope that it’ll work as planned come the exam day. A better approach is to appear for CAT mocks, analyze your effort, and enhance your exam strategy based on your performance. It can be related to time allocation, preparation of particular modules, etc. Remember, it’s about how well you prepare and not how much you prepare.

5. Familiarizes you with the Exam Environment

The CAT mock series conducted by Endeavor Careers simulates the actual CAT exam environment. Similar questions, time constraints, and infrastructure facilities familiarize you with the exam pattern and available resources to take the exam. The idea is to narrow down to the best exam strategy that can be implemented on the exam day with no room for surprise elements. You can experiment with your strategy in the initial mocks and once you find the right one, utilize the same for several mocks.

To Summarize

There’s so much to CAT preparation than what looks from the outset. We, at Endeavor Careers, dedicate ourselves to your betterment by providing the best online CAT coaching facilities and classroom sessions. Our streamlined CAT mock tests equip you with all the knowledge and hands-on experience you need before appearing for the actual exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I get free mock tests for CAT?

Mock tests for CAT preparation are vital for your understanding of the curriculum, and how you fare up against fellow competitors in terms of your preparation and performance. You can get free mock series for your CAT preparation at Endeavor Careers alongside answer keys and exam analysis for your reference.

Where can I get my CAT mocks tested?

CAT aspirants should enroll themselves in the CAT test series offered by Endeavor Careers to track their progress and test their knowledge. Your mock test submissions are tested in quick time and you get the exam analysis report before you appear for the next mock.

Which is the best mock for CAT?

Endeavor Careers offers the best mock test series for CAT aspirants. It’s a gateway to your admission to some of the best B-schools in India, and students shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to join our curated CAT mock test modules to enhance their exam prep.

What is a mock test for the CAT exam?

A mock test is a practice test that helps you get acquainted with the exam pattern, time constraint, and more. The same helps you formulate an optimized exam preparation strategy and makes your CAT journey more organized and strategy-driven. With Endeavor Careers, joining online CAT mock test series is easier than ever. Simply select your preferred module and get started.


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