It is estimated that more than 2 lakh aspiring students appear for CAT on an annual basis. CAT or Common Admission Test is a competitive examination which is held in order to measure the aptitude of the appearing candidates. The questions asked in CAT are designed specifically to analyze the problem solving and decision-making skills of an individual. Based on the CAT score a candidate is selected to pursue a specialized graduation course in management in a reputed Business-school.

Thus, it is imperative that you manage your time effectively and set short term goals for yourself in order to ace your CAT preparation 2020. Following are a few strategies which you must consider in order to crack CAT online exam in your first attempt.

1. Appear for the Mocks – Signing up for mock CAT exams online have helped students in more ways than one. These mock tests will give you an overall taste of how the final CAT exam will supposedly take place. A student can analyze and track their progress in due course of time by checking their progressive mock exam score. Preparing well for your mocks and getting a good score will boost your confidence in the long run. You will also be able to understand, dissect and decipher the questions and the patterns which are followed.

Aspiring applicants can sign up for CAT exam preparation online by availing services from top-quality coaching centers such as Endeavor Careers. These institutions not only offer coaching classes but also provide monthly mock tests.

2. Establish Deadlines to cover the syllabus – Managing your time and chalking out a schedule is another essential aspect of cracking CAT in your first attempt. Break your long term goals into short term objectives. Plan your week accordingly and at least try to allocate 2 hours for every section namely Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Quantitative Analysis, and Reading and Verbal abilities. It is essential that you give yourself at least 6 months to prepare for CAT effectively.

3. Know your strength and weakness –The CAT syllabus online cannot be completely covered by every candidate. It is impossible to know the answers to all the questions. Hence strategic planning and studying as per a blueprint is critical. Time management also plays a vital role for CAT preparation  2020. Wasting too much time on a single problem can prove to be costly. Hence, learning to solve selective questions as per your strengths and weakness is also very important.

4. Be active and communicate with your peers – By being open and communicating with fellow CAT candidates you can gain an all-new perspective towards things. Maintaining healthy competition among friends can help you to overcome the pressure of education. Also, you will be to measure your performance with your peers and simultaneously will gain more insight into your results.

By following these four steps you will be able to understand your true potential as they will surely help you to crack CAT with great success in the long run. For more tricks and tips on how to prepare for CAT 2019, be sure to contact expert CAT coaching service centers.

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