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Welcome to our SNAP 2022 Analysis page. The Computer Base Test – SNAP 2022 (1) will be conducted on 10th December 2022, and SNAP 2022 (2 & 3) will be conducted on 18th & 23rd December 2022 from 02.00 PM to 03.00 PM

The only MBA entrance test that is shorter than the GD/WAT/PI process at most business schools is here – SNAP. They seem to have literally taken the name too seriously. 

So, SNAP 2022, not many surprises. Some changes, are expected on the lines of other exams.  

If Slot 1 has to augur something for future slots, SNAP would seem by far the most “pleasing” experience for test-takers across all exams this year (knowing that XAT is never a pleasing experience).  

In a nutshell, SNAP 2022 repeated the overall format of SNAP 2021. +1 for every correct, -0.25 for every incorrect answer. 

SNAP 2022 Paper Pattern

Section  Questions  Overall Difficulty  Good attempts  Expected time  Good score 
General English  15  Easy  11 – 12  10 – 12 mins  9+ 
Analytical and Logical Reasoning  25  Easy to Moderate  18 – 19   28 – 30 mins  16+ 
Quantitative, DI and Data Sufficiency  20  Moderate  15 – 16   20 – 22 mins  13+  
Total  60  Easy to Moderate  45 – 48   60 mins  39+ 

SNAP 2022 Exam Analysis (Slot 1 – 10th December)

SNAP 2022 – Slot 1: General English Section

The section was almost the same as last year, with no Reading Comprehension, and a balance of Grammar and Vocabulary questions.  

Topic  Question type  Number of questions  Difficulty Level 



Sentence Completion  3  Easy 
Synonyms  1  Moderate 
Compound Words  2  Moderate 
Spelling  1  Easy 
Grammar  Object of the verb  1  Easy 
Parts of Speech  1  Easy 
Error Detection  1  Easy 
Preposition  1  Easy 
Modals  1  Moderate 
Prefix meaning  1  Easy 
Tenses  1  Easy 
Miscellaneous  Poem  1  Moderate 
Total    15  Easy 

Heavily theoretical, in contrast to the vocabulary questions on tests like XAT, and many students with excellent skills in VARC would attempt 14-15 questions. An overall score of 9+ in 10 minutes would be a good performance 

SNAP 2022 – Slot 1: Analytical and Logical Reasoning

There were only minor changes in the section, but the overall difficulty level was retained 

Topic  Question type  Number of questions  Difficulty level 
Analytical Reasoning  Series – Numbers/Letters/Word  5  Easy 
Input – Output  1  Difficult 
Clocks  2  Easy to Moderate 
Coding – Decoding  1  Moderate 
Linear Arrangement  1  Easy 
Puzzle  1  Moderate 
Blood Relations  2  Easy 
Logical Reasoning  Critical Reasoning  2  Moderate 
Statement – Course of Action  2  Easy 
Syllogisms  2  Easy 
Statement – Assumption  2  Moderate 
Statement – Argument  2  Easy to Moderate 
Cause – Effect   2  Easy  
Total    25  Easy to Moderate 

 With both AR and LR balanced, this section provided no advantage to anyone. There were questions in each type that were time-consuming – Critical Reasoning in LR, Arrangement, and Puzzles in AR – and should have been attempted towards the end of the section.

But otherwise, 18-20 attempts in 30 minutes should be manageable, yielding a good score of 16+. 

SNAP 2022 – Slot 1: Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation, and Data Sufficiency 

Topic  Question type  Number of questions  Difficulty level 
Arithmetic  Profit and Loss  1  Easy 
Percentage  2  Easy 
Simple Interest  1  Moderate 
Time, Speed, Distance  1  Moderate 
Alligations & Mixtures  1  Easy 
Algebra  Logarithms  1  Moderate 
Linear Equations  1  Easy 
Matrices  1  Moderate 
Modern Math  Progressions  2  Moderate 
Numbers  2  Easy 
P & C  1  Moderate 
Probability  1  Easy 
Geometry  Mixed shapes  1  Moderate 
Mensuration  1  Easy 
Trigonometry  1  Moderate 
Data Interpretation  Tables  2  Easy to Moderate 
Total    20  Moderate 

 QA was significantly more calculative than last year’s paper, and students have reported close options. So, depending on whether QA is your strength or your weakness, you would want to either take up that section first, or attempt it at the end.

In either case, 15+ attempts in around 20 minutes seem necessary to reach a good score of 13+. 

SNAP 2022 Analysis – Overall & Expected cut-offs 

Knowing the previous year patterns of SNAP, Slots 2 and 3 are unlikely to be very different. But at least, there won’t be significant structural changes, e.g. introduction of RCs or changing the proportion of LR to AR questions.

Keep your timers ready, race through the questions, and SNAP it. 

Expected cut-offs for different Symbiosis Institutes as per Slot 1 

Institute  Program  Expected cut-off  Program  Expected cut-off  Program  Expected cut-off 
SIBM Pune  MBA  40+  MBA I & E  38+     
SCMHRD  MBA  38+  MBA BA  36+  MBA IDM  34+ 
SIIB  MBA IB  35+  MBA AB  31+  MBA EE  31+ 
SIBM Bglr  MBA  34+  MBA BA  30+  MBA QF  30+ 
SIOM  MBA Ops  31+  MBA AOM  28+     
SIMC  MBA CM  30+         

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