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SLAT  2019 Analysis

Total Questions: 150Total Marks: 150Total Duration: 150 minutes (No sectional Time Limit) | Marking System: +1 for correct, 0 for incorrect

Paper Pattern:

Section Number of Question


150 Minutes

Logical Reasoning 30
Legal Reasoning 30
Analytical Reasoning 30
Reading Comprehension 30
General Knowledge 30


Section: Logical Reasoning

There were 30 questions. They were spread across various topics like Coding decoding( 6 Q),Blood Relations(3 Q),  Arrangement based set (4 Q), Clock & Calendars (2 Q),Syllogisms (2 Q),Venn Diagram ( 2Q),Strengthening and weakening (2 Q),Course of Action (2 Q), Analogy (2 Q).

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Ideal attempts: 28

Ideal correct: 24

Time to be allotted: 25 minutes

Section: Legal Reasoning

There were 30 Questions. There were 7 Questions each based on Constitution, Torts, Criminal Law, Contract Law. 1 Question on IPR and 1 Question on International Law was asked. Most of the questions were knowledge based rather than application based. This means the type of principle based questions asked in Law exams generally was absent this year in SLAT legal section. Principle and actual article-based were asked and students were to identify the correct judgments from their knowledge about actual laws and articles. This made the law section more challenging and different.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Ideal attempts: 24

Ideal correct: 20+

Time to be allotted: 20 minutes

Section: Analytical Reasoning

No of Questions: 30

The section was dominated by Arithmetic questions. This was of medium difficulty level. There were questions ranging from topics such as Ratio (2 Questions ), Alligations & Mixtures (1Question), Partnership ( 1 Question ). There were 5 Number series and 3 Alphabetic series questions.

Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Ideal attempts: 24+

Ideal correct: 20+

Time to be allotted: 40 minutes

Section: Reading Comprehension

No of Questions: 30

1-2 lengthy RCs

Rest easy small RCs

RC(30): 5 passages: 1 to 2 lengthy and 2-3 of moderate length only 6 to 7 inference based question rest were fact-based questions, 1 RC Difficult.

There were five RC passages of Reading comprehension, two of them were lengthy and 3 RCs were of moderate level. Most of the questions were direct and easy. There were four to five inference based question. There were 4 questions based on Antonyms and Synonyms in the context of RC. Few passages had vocab questions included among RC questions as well.

Level of difficulty: Easy to moderate

Ideal attempts: 28 +

Ideal correct: 24+

Time to be allotted: 20 minutes

Section: General Knowledge

No of Questions: 30

Approximately 60 % of the questions were from current affairs and rest were static GK. The  GK questions ranged from Awards&Recognition like Indira Gandhi peace prize, International Affairs: Surgical Strike, India Bangladesh Military exercise. Question related to surgical strike

Current affairs ranged from Sports, Polity, Government schemes, UN and Film awards. There was a varied range of questions related to  Ross Island Name change, Hornbill festival, US ambassador to UN, brand ambassador of Swastha Immunised India, Geographic Indication Tag, Ease of doing business, minimum wage, First women engineer of IAF, Movies associated with Jews, etc.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Ideal attempts: 25+

Ideal correct: 20+

Time to be allotted: 5 minutes

Overall Analysis

Sr Number Section Questions Ideal Time Good Attempt Good Score Level Of Difficulty
 1 Logical Reasoning 30 25 Minutes 28 23+ Easy to Moderate
 2 Legal Reasoning 30 20 Minutes 24 20 Easy to Moderate
 3 Analytical Reasoning 30 40 Minutes 24 20 Moderate
 4 Reading Comprehension 30 20 Minutes 28 24 Easy to Moderate
 5 General Knowledge 30 10 Minutes 25 20 Moderate

Cut Offs: Predicted

It is very difficult to predict exact cut-off for each college as the number of applicants is yet not disclosed. But, based on cut-offs given in the last two years and comparing the level of difficulty of the exam with that of last year, we can predict the following cut-offs.

Course Symbiosis Campus Predicted Cut-offs (General Category)
SLS BA LLB Pune 107
SLS BBA LLB Pune 100
SLS Noida BA LLB Noida 95
SLS Noida BBA LLB Noida 95
SLS Hyderabad BA LLB Hyderabad 92

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