SET B 2020 Exam Analysis

Overview of SET B 2020 Analysis – Day 1

This year, due to Covid-19, most of the exams have changed their paper pattern and SET was no different. This time it was an internet based online proctored test. It was of 105 minutes test, which was divided into two parts; first 75 minutes for MCQ section followed by 30 minutes for WAT.

Paper Pattern of SET B 2020

Total questions: 75

Total Marks: 75

Total Time: 75 minutes (No sectional time limit)

Marking system: +1 for correct, 0 for incorrect

Section Number of questions Marks
English 20 20
Quantitative 20 20
Analytical and Logical Reasoning 15 15
General Awareness 20 20

SET B 2020 Exam Analysis – Day 1

Section 1: Aptitude

  • English:

This section consisted of 20 questions divided across Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary.

Reading Comprehension:  There was one passage followed by 5 questions. The topic of discussion was “foreign policy” and the length of the passage was approximately 200 to 250 words. One question was vocabulary based, one was a specific detail question and the other three were inference based questions. Overall the passage was of easy to moderate difficulty level.

Vocabulary: There was a variety of vocabulary question types including synonyms and antonyms, fill in the blanks, one word substitution, identify the correct spelling, idioms and phrasal verbs. The words were not highly uncommon and could have been attempted by a well prepared student.

Grammar: Grammar was tested in two formats: Sentence Correction and Fill in the Blanks. Concepts like prepositions, conjunctions and verbs were tested and the sentences were very short and simple, making it easy to attempt these questions in around a minute per question.

Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Ideal Time: 15 minutes

Ideal Attempts: 17+

Good Score: 15+

  • Quantitative Ability:

This section was as expected with majority of the questions from Arithmetic. These questions were from Percentages, Simple interest and Compound interest, Profit and Loss, Averages, Alligation, Time and Work and Time Speed Distance. Except a question from SICI, all questions were simple and straight forward. In addition to this, there were questions on Probability, Set Theory, Surds and Indices and Number series, which were again easy. There were 2 questions on Data Interpretation and 1 question on data sufficiency.

Level of difficulty: Easy

Ideal time: 25 minutes

Genuine Attempts: 17+

Good score: 15+

  • Analytical and Logical Reasoning:

The questions in this section were similar to those of last year’s SET General exam. There were 5 questions on Puzzles, 2 questions on Coding-Decoding, 2 questions on Direction Sense, 1 question on Blood Relations and 1 question on Calendar. All the questions very straight forward. There were 2 questions each on Statement – Course of Action and Syllogisms.

Level of difficulty: Easy

Ideal time: 20 minutes

Genuine Attempts: 13+

Good score: 12+

  • General Awareness:

The GK section stayed true to its tradition of asking unconventional questions. There were a total of 20 questions, almost equally distributed between Current Affairs and Static GK. Current Affairs questions were based on Awards & Recognitions (Times Next 100 list, Dada Saheb Phalke award); Persons in News (Chief of Defense Staff, Indian-American nominated to IBRD); International Affairs (Russian war medal to Kim Jong-Un) and Sports.

Static GK questions were based on Geography (related to Port Blair, waterfall in Meghalaya); World History (World War-I, Perestroika); Important Organizations (Prasar Bharati, Unicef, DRDO), and Art & Culture (main language of Kerala, Pawl Kut festival of Mizoram).

The Current Affairs section was easy to moderate, while Static GK section was Moderate to Tough. That’s takes the overall difficulty level of GK section to Moderate-Tough.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Ideal Time: 10 minutes

Good Attempts: 14+

Good Score: 12+

Section 2: Written Ability Test (WAT)

After the aptitude test, students were required to write two essays within 30 minutes, with no word limit. The topics were: “Is social media good or bad for our society?” and “Can an individual performer be a better team player?”. The topics were such that students could have come up with significant substance.

The performance of WAT will only be considered if a student clears the cut off of the aptitude test.

OVERALL SET B 2020 Exam Analysis – day 1

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Time distribution: 70 + 5 minutes buffer for desired section

Genuine Attempts: 60+

Good Score: 55+ ( A score of 63+ would help in final conversion)

Section  Ideal Time Genuine Attempts Good Score
Quantitative Ability 25 17+ 15+
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 20 13+ 12+
General Awareness 10 14+ 12+
English 20 17+ 15+
60+ 55+

SET B Exam Video Analysis (Day 1)

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