PDPU SLS 2019 Exam Analysis

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PDPU SLS 2019 Exam Analysis

Overview of PDPU SLS 2019:

Total Questions: 100 |  Total Marks: 50 | Total Duration: 90 minutes | Marking Scheme: 0.5 for correct and no negative marking

PDPU SLS 2019 had the similar selection criteria as that of the previous year. The written test was followed by Creative writing. As expected the overall difficulty of the paper was easy. Since there were no negative marking student should have attempted all the questions.

Section 1: General Knowledge

No. of questions: 40

Around 28-30 questions were based on static GK, out of which major chunk was from Geography, History, Polity and Technology. There were also questions which were based on public sector companies, government schemes, and oil and petroleum, which was no shocker for students. Current affairs questions were based on who’s who, sports, government schemes etc.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Good Score: 12+

Time to be allotted: 15 minutes

Section 2: Verbal Ability

No. of questions: 20

 There were two RC passages; one with 10 questions and other with 5 questions. Most of the questions were direct and pretty easy. Then there was 1 question each on parts of speech, figure of speech, type of sentence (compound, complex or transitive) and two questions on idioms. These questions were quite challenging and made this section a little tricky.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Good Score: 6+

Time to be allotted: 20 minutes

Section 3: Quantitative Ability

No. of questions: 20

Most of the questions in this section could have been solved by eliminating the options. There was 1 question each on Age problem, Proportionality, Square root, Fraction, Partnership, Rate and Work, Algebraic Identities and Probability. Then there were 2 questions each on Numbers, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest and Compound Interest and 3 questions on Geometry.

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Good Score: 8+

Time to be allotted: 30 minutes

Section 4: Logical Reasoning

No. of questions: 20

This section was very easy. There were 2 questions each on Number series, Odd Man Out, Analogy, Cause Effect, Syllogism and Mirror Image. Then there were  3-4 questions on Coding-Decoding and 1 each on Directions Sense, Blood Relation, Counting lines in given figure.

Other than question on Verbal Reasoning, rest all the questions were straight forward. 

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Good Score: 8+

Time to be allotted: 25 minutes


Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Good Score: 32+

Creative Writing

Total Marks: 25 | Total Duration: 30 minutes

There were 3 topics, out of which students were supposed to attempt only one. Students were given choice to write in English/Hindi/Gujarati. Also, one could have written Prose or Verse.

Following were the topics:

  1. Imagine you are working on ET signals on radio telescope. You get interstellar communication. Describe the communication.
  2. Caught between the sliding doors…
  3. Looking at the 11th wonder of the world…

All the best,

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