PDPU SLS 2018 Exam AnalysisPDPU – SLS 2018 Analysis

Total Questions: 100
Total Marks: 50
Total Duration: 90 minutes (No sectional Time Limit)

Marking System: +0.5 for correct, 0 for incorrect


SLS 2018 was no different than previous years’ paper in terms of sections and question distribution. SLS happens to be a paper-based test with no negative marking. As the pattern clearly suggests, SLS puts highest weightage on General Awareness.


Paper Pattern:

SR No Section Questions Marks
1 General Awareness 40 20
2 Verbal Ability 20 10
3 Quantitative Ability 20 10
4 Logical Reasoning 20 10
Total 100 50


Section 1: General Awareness

No of Questions: 40

This section was highly dominated by static GK questions, which were almost 75% of the whole section. Five to six questions were from Petroleum related topics – a no shocker for aspirants. Apart from that, topics such as History, Polity, Geography, Technology and Government Schemes had three to four questions each. Current affairs questions were mostly from topics such as Tripura Election, Karnataka Election, IPL tournament etc.


Level of difficulty: Moderate
Ideal attempts: 22+
Ideal correct: 17+
Time to be allotted: 15 minutes


Section 2: Verbal Ability

No of Questions: 20

This section had two passages of Reading comprehension. The questions were evenly distributed between these two RCs. One of the passages was quite lengthy i.e. 700-800 words. This passage was about an endangered species and role of a community in the conservation. This RC would have been given less preference by aspirants. The other passage was about author describing the lives of a couple who live in the neighbourhood. This passage was shorter than the former and hence aspirants would have chosen solving this RC first.


Nearly 80% of the questions were direct in nature and rest were indirect. However, a prepared aspirant would have felt comfort in attempting this section.


Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Ideal attempts: 17+
Ideal correct: 13+
Time to be allotted: 20 minutes


Section 3: Quantitative Ability

No of Questions: 20

This section can be termed as the easiest section compared to the rest of the sections. There were three questions from Topics such as Simple Interest & Compound Interest and Linear Equations. Topics such as Ratio & Proportion, Time & Work, Number Series and Clocks had two questions each. Numbers, Fractions and Probability had one question each. The absence of prominent Quant topics such as Percentage, Profit & Loss, Algebra, Time Speed & Distance and Permutation & Combination would have surely surprised majority of aspirants.


One question of Fractions seemed to have two possible answers.


Level of difficulty: Easy
Ideal attempts: 20
Ideal correct: 17+
Time to be allotted: 30 minutes


Section 4: Logical Reasoning

No of Questions: 20

This also happened to be one of the easier sections of this paper. Topics such as Analogy, Blood Relations, Series & Sequence and Coding-decoding dominated the sections with two to three questions from each. These questions were quite easy to attempt. Topics such as Directions, Arrangement, Statement-Assumption, Cause & Effect, Syllogisms and Visual Reasoning had a single question from each of them.

Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Ideal attempts: 18+
Ideal correct: 15+
Time to be allotted: 25 minutes


Overall Analysis

Sr No Section Questions Ideal Time Ideal Attempts Ideal Correct Level of Difficulty
1 General Awareness 40 15 mins 22+ 17+ Moderate
2 Verbal Ability 20 20 mins 17+ 13+ Easy to Moderate
3 Quantitative Ability 20 30 mins 19+ 16+ Easy
4 Logical Reasoning 20 25 mins 18+ 15+ Easy to Moderate
Total 100 90 mins 76+ 61+ Easy to Moderate


Wishing all the aspirants a great luck for results and for next stage of admission!
Team Endeavor

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