NMAT 2022, NMAT 2022 Exam Analysis

The first exam of the CAT 2022 season is here. And what controversies it has brought!  

  • All campuses of NMIMS will only accept the first NMAT score, but you can still attempt the NMAT thrice! 
  • It is easier to book a railway ticket for the Diwali vacation than to book a slot for NMAT at the test center. Reason? No slots. 
  • NMAT Proctored at home? Sure. Slots between 12 AM and 5 AM – precisely created for the millennials! 

Has anything else changed? Yes, marginally. NMAT is conducted by the GMAC, the agency that built a reputation for tracking test-taker behavior and designing an adaptive test (GMAT). Hence, the test has been adjusted to make it easier for test-takers to manage all questions within the given time limit. 

First, the overall NMAT 2022 exam structure: 

Section Name  Total Questions  Total Time  Total Score 
Language Skills  36  28 minutes  12 – 120  
Quantitative Skills  36  52 minutes  12 – 120  
Logical Reasoning  36  40 minutes  12 – 120  

NMAT Features that you already (hopefully) know: 

  1. No negative markings for incorrect answers.
  2. Must answer the question on screen before you move to the next question
  3. Cannot go back and change an answer to a question
  4. You can retake the test after 15 days of the attempt.  

NMAT 2022 Section-Wise Analysis: 

NMAT is the only test for which, predicting a difficulty level is flawed.  Reason? It is adaptive.

The questions change according to the test-takers’ performance. The end goal of the adaptive software is to give you a “satisfactory” performance. So even if you start performing badly, you will feel you did well because the software adapts to your performance and gives you easier questions, which might make you feel good but will lead to a lower scaled score. Now you see why anyone predicting NMAT 2022 difficulty level is just gas? 

So then why did we say that the test has made adjustments to make it “easier”? Because some speed-based questions have replaced some time-consuming questions.  

You will see the tentative breakup of questions in the following lines.  

NMAT 2022 – Language Skills Section

Section  Question type  Questions 
Grammar  Fill in the blanks  4 – 6  
Error Detection  8 
Reading Comprehension  Mixed   
Verbal Logic  Analogy  6 – 8  
Parajumbles  4 
Vocabulary  Fill in the blanks  4 – 6 
Total  36 

Grammar dominates, just as the previous year. But some test-takers have reported up to 14 questions based on grammar (higher number of prepositions-based fill-in-the-blanks). This is likely to be at the expense of RC questions. Also, analogies are largely vocabulary based: if you don’t know the word meanings, you will find the question difficult.  

NMAT 2022 – Quantitative Skills Section

Topic  Chapter  Questions 
Data Interpretation  Graphs and Charts  8 
Data Sufficiency  4 
Modern Math  Number Systems  2 – 4 
Probability  4 – 5  
Permutations and Combinations  2 – 3  
Algebra  Linear Equations  2 
Quadratic Equations   1 – 2  
Miscellaneous  1 – 2  
Geometry  All concepts  4 
Arithmetic  Percentages  1 – 2  
Averages  1 – 2  
Profit and Loss   2 – 3  
Simple Interest Compound Interest  0 – 1  
Time and Work  2 
Time, Speed, and Distance  0 – 1  
Total  36 

Overall, not many changes since last year’s format. Quantitative Skills have such a wide range of topics that it is never wise to rule out any topic (unlike what many CAT prep coaches and classes have recommended). But NMAT continues to show its preference for questions that require more logic and fewer calculations. Of course, least preference for pure formula-based questions, hence the minority presence of Geometry as a section.  

NMAT 2022 – Logical Reasoning Section

Section  Topic  Questions 
Logical Reasoning  Statement – Assumption  2 – 3  
  Statement – Conclusion  2 – 3  
  Statement – Course of Action  2 
  Statement – Argument   3 – 4  
  Decision Making   
  Strengthen/Weaken  4 
  Syllogisms  2 
Analytical Reasoning  Arrangements  4 
  Puzzles  4 
  Input – Output   4 
  Set Theory  2 
  Number puzzles  1 
  Logical puzzle  1 
Total  36 

Logical Reasoning showed a trend Endeavor had predicted two years ago when GMAC took over NMAT conduction. At that time, we had predicted that soon NMAT will lean towards concepts similar to GMAT because those concepts have been proven to be the gold standard across MBA entrance tests. True to our word, Logical Reasoning (including Critical Reasoning) jumped to 20 questions this year, while Analytical Reasoning reduced to 16 questions this year. While this adjustment of 2 might not seem too much, for those who find Logical Reasoning time-consuming, this will make them even more uncomfortable.  

NMAT 2022 Exam Analysis: Two parting messages 

  1. NMAT no more operates on Window format. So, testing difficulty (or anything about the test), no more changes every 15 days (as was the case earlier when the NMAT scores were declared after 15-17 days of the test, marking “completion of a window”).  
  2. What cut-offs do we predict? That is not prudent to predict right now, for two reasons. First, NMAT has heavy emphasis on sectional cut-offs, so an overall score is never an assurance of clearing sectional cut-offs and hence securing an interview call from NMIMS. Second, much of test-taker performance will be clear by mid to late November, and cut-offs will be easier to predict then. But going by the track record of GMAC with GMAT, it is safe to say that NMIMS cut-offs will remain in the same range as last year i.e., they won’t rise or fall by as huge a difference of 15-20 points.  

Good luck with your NMAT 2022. We will see you in a month with CAT 2022 analysis.  

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