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Video Lectures
Video Lectures

When you’re preparing for the GRE, it might seem like you’re the only one. But thousands of students take the GRE test every year to prepare for their graduate school applications. Preparing for the GRE with Endeavor Careers ensures that you’re getting access to mock tests conducted in the same manner as the final exam. With us, candidates appear for more than 25 mock tests before sitting for the actual GRE exam, giving them an upperhand in preparation. Moreover, candidates can also download their answer sheets and analyze their performance after every attempt.

Full Length Mocks
Full Length Mocks

GRE gives your application a lot of boost and attention from talent seekers. Being a standardized exam, several admission heads look for candidates who score well on the test. For this reason, Endeavor Careers offers a streamlined series of video lectures and live sessions for their students. These module-based lectures can help you prepare for the GRE exam in the best manner and connect with mentors to resolve queries, anytime.

Sectional and Practice Tests
Sectional and Practice Tests

Over 300+ tests to help you identify and improve on weak areas and excel at strong sections.

About GRE

One of the most important steps in the business school or graduate school application process is the GRE. Graduate Record Examination is the GRE full form, a standardized exam needed for graduate and MBA programs globally. The prestigious test is conducted by the ETS, enabling top schools worldwide to find the best candidates for their programs. GRE syllabus and GRE exam pattern consist of three main sections, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. Students who wish to prepare for the GRE must start focusing on their ability to analyze written material, think critically, and be able to solve problems. It is best to get advice and strategies from a learning platform, which will help you kick off your GRE test preparation. Endeavor Careers is one of the best places to get started with your GRE.

GRE is one of the best exams for a graduate school or business school application across the top schools globally. GRE prep begins with thoroughly studying three main subjects. These are analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.

Analytical Writing

Your GRE percentiles are going to depend tremendously on this section. Analytical writing tests a candidate’s ability to present and construct complex ideas in a simple form. It’s all about how you effectively convey ideas, support them with significant examples and examine the relevant claims. This GRE general test also analyzes your ability to keep the discussion focused, control the elements and write grammatically coherent English. The analytical writing section consists of two separate parts of 30 minutes each. While in the first part, you analyze an issue, in the second, you analyze an argument. If you are preparing for the GRE at home, make sure you practice analytical writing well enough.

Verbal Reasoning

The next section in the GRE is verbal reasoning. This section aims to measure the candidate’s skills to conclude discourse, prepare reasoning from incomplete data and discover an author’s underlying assumptions. Moreover, the candidates are also required to summarize the text, differentiate between the crux and minor points surrounding them and finally understand the structure of the text. GRE practice tests for this section must include basic sentence formation and other English grammar like verb tense, idioms and isometric expressions, pronoun agreement, subject-verb agreement, modifiers, and parallelism.

Quantitative Reasoning

The final part of the GRE test is quantitative reasoning. GRE scores in this section depend heavily upon a candidate’s ability to understand quantitative information, analyze and interpret it, and solve problems using mathematical models. You should be able to solve mathematical problems based on elementary concepts like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics. The GRE test sample for quantitative reasoning would include profit and loss, speed, distance and time, linear equations, set theory, powers and roots, lines and angles, percentage, volume, and area.

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