How to Prepare for NMAT 2021 - Tips and Tricks

NMAT is one of the most popular MBA entrance exams in India. Although the NMAT exam allows subsequent retakes, acing the exam in one go is another level of contentment. Integrating a focused strategy with robust preparation is the key to master NMAT preparation in the coming months. To help the candidates master the exam, Endeavor Careers brings to you tips and tricks on how to prepare for NMAT

It is imperative for the aspirants to put their best step forward when appearing for NMAT 2021 exam

NMAT 2021 – A Brief overview

The NMAT full form is Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies(NMIMS) Aptitude Test. It is a computer-adaptive MBA entrance exam conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admissions Council). Candidates can appear for NMAT 2021 in a 75 day test Window and can take the exam 3 times with a gap of 15 days in subsequent attempts. The NMAT exam date 2021 starts from October 14 and ends on December 27, 2021, with an option to choose from two testing modes – computer-based at test centers and online-proctored at home. 

NMAT is a moderate-level exam compared to the other popular MBA entrances like CAT, XAT, etc. However, it does require a well-planned approach in order to get a competitive edge amongst your peers. With about a 7% rise in applicants eying the limited seats in NMIMS and other NMAT accepting colleges every year, it is doubtlessly a competitive exam. The NMAT cut off is most likely to fall between 160 to 200 overall scores for admission to the new academic session. Hence, a solid preparation strategy is a must.

The syllabus for NMAT is similar to those of the other MBA entrance exams. If you are already referring to the CAT 2021 magic toolkit, most of your NMAT preparation is covered The latest NMAT exam pattern has fewer questions than before. It has a total of 108 questions with 36 questions each in Language skills, Logical reasoning, and quantitative skills. The total allocated time is 120 minutes and movement within sections is not allowed. 

Last-Minute Tips and Tricks to Ace the NMAT 2021

The NMAT 2021 tips guide the aspirants to strategize the study schedule, manage time, clear doubts, and everything that is necessary to qualify for the entrance examination. Apart from the preparation mantras, the below tips come in handy as the exam gets nearer.

Equal focus on all sections

NMAT test contains a total of 3 sections with an equal number of questions and sectional cut-offs. This inherently requires you to focus equally on all sections. Many students neglect to practice their stronger areas considering them easy and manageable. However, the exam can surprise you in several unimaginable possibilities. Thus, practice each section with full dedication and time. 

Make a Note of Strong and Weak Topics

With the NMAT exam date approaching next month, you might have a fair idea about your strong and weak areas by now. Listing these separately and allocating time to each and every weak area can help you strengthen the basics and improve your ability to solve more questions on the exam day.

Have a Sorted Practice Strategy

By now you must have worked out your preparation strategy detailing the syllabus, time allocated to each of them, mock schedules, etc. It is time to have a sorted after-preparation strategy as well. With all the basics understanding, you need to start revisions along with the practice tests. 

Give Mocks and Last year papers

NMAT mocks should become your best friend at this hour. Both sectional as well as overall mocks are imperative to get an astonishing NMAT result. Additionally, solving previous year papers will make you familiar with the style and scope of the question paper. Mocks helps candidates learn time management and often helps to predict the NMAT scores. Apart from attempting, analysing mock papers are equally significant. It helps you to figure out areas that need more improvement.

Shortcut Tricks and Strategies

Learning quick tricks and shortcuts is very important to optimize your time, speed, and accuracy. It helps you solve problems quickly and leaves enough time to focus on other questions. Time management is one of the major aspects of the NMAT 2021, and shortcuts help you become better at it. 

Read More and Improve your Vocabulary

To improve your language skills you must read newspaper editorials and novels regularly. Reading more enhances your comprehension skills, vocabulary and builds your reading speed. To improve your vocabulary, you can make a word list by jotting down and learning 10-15 words everyday.

Seek NMAT professional Guidance

Consulting the right coaching institute will definitely give a boost to your NMAT preparation. Sometimes candidates get baffled while seeing the syllabus, not knowing where and when to begin the NMAT preparation. Getting in touch with a reputed coaching institute will streamline your NMAT preparation in accordance with the latest guidelines. It will not only give you a heads-up of your performance but also guide you on improvement measures.

Ready to rock the NMAT 2021?

Scoring a good NMAT result serves as a gateway to get admissions to the NMIMS and other top Colleges. As the exam approaches next month, aspirants must be ready and fully prepared to ace it. 

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