GMAT new exam structure

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So the big news is out. GMAC is reducing the number of questions in both the Quantitative Reasoning and the Verbal Reasoning sections.  Starting 16th April 2018, the GMAT will be a shorter test.

Why are they doing so?

Well, who does not like a shorter test? The clarification given by GMAC is that the number of unscored questions on the test has been reduced. This clarification will definitely confuse some test takers who have no clue that their GMAT has some questions for which they get no score even if these are answered correctly. But we have already discussed about unscored questions in a different blog post.

GMAC is confident this will increase the appeal of the test while retaining the difficulty level and accuracy of the algorithm. We agree!

What will be the changes?

Quantitative Reasoning: Instead of 37 questions over 75 minutes, you will answer 31 questions in 62 minutes.

Verbal Reasoning: Instead of 41 questions over 75 minutes, you will answer 36 questions in 65 minutes.

Nothing else changes. The breaks between sections, the option to select which section to start with, the scaled score, the overall score, and the content of the test remain unchanged.

What else should you know?

If you have booked a GMAT for before 16th April 2018 and want to reschedule to the shorter format, OR if you have booked a GMAT for before 6th May 2018 and want to reschedule to the current format,

call the GMAC Customer Service. You must reschedule the test through phone only. GMAC will reschedule these tests for free.

And what about the official practice tests?

The GMATPrep software is being moved online, just as GRE moved its Powerprep tests 2 years ago. The online tests will have the newer format.

Want more information? You’ll find it all on the official page.

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