With the changing times, the competition has increased manifolds. Each passing year, more and more candidates are opting for management and other courses that need excellent results to get into the top colleges. Hence, the guidance and instructors plays a very important role in sailing through these exams. Keeping this in mind, here we present our Free Learning resources that would guide you towards better results. With our expertise and domain knowledge that we have gained over the past decade, you also have access to a few exclusively curated tutorials to enhance your learning and understanding.

Majorly, the entrance and qualifying exams have a variety of segments from Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability, Reasoning, GK, GD, PI & WAT. Each of these segments needs a different strategy and approach for a better qualifying score. We have a repository of 150+ videos that shall help you learn and understand these segments in detail.

Quantitative Aptitude

The Quantitative aptitude section of exams will include short sets of facts or propositions, graphs, or other textual, pictorial or diagrammatic representations of numerical information, followed by a series of questions. You will be required to derive information from such passages, graphs, or other representations, and apply mathematical operations on such information.

The questions will require you to:

Derive, infer, and manipulate numerical information set out in such passages, graphs, or other representations; and

Apply various 10th standard mathematical operations on such information, including from areas such as ratios and proportions, basic algebra, and statistical estimation.

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Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation or DI is a high scoring section of any competitive exam but at the same time is a tricky section. As the name suggests, Data Interpretation expects you to interpret the given data in the form of charts, graphs, tables, venn diagram, symbols, etc. to solve a specific set of questions related to it. In majority of exams, DI is clubbed with Logical Reasoning or LR. Preparing for the Data Interpretation for all your competitive exams and is an important part of the overall preparation. It commands anywhere between 10-20% weightage in overall exam and 50% weightage in DILR section. Scoring high in Data Interpretation can take you through the top colleges of your choice.

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Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability (VA) is an important part of the competitive exam preparation for VARC section. Majorly, Verbal Ability questions will constitute 25-35% share in Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) Section in competitive exams.

The Verbal Ability for competitive questions is the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Questions which carry a weightage of 25-35 percent in the entire exam. The Verbal Ability questions are based on English Language, Grammar, and Vocabulary, correct understanding of paragraph among other key topics.

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Reasoning or Logical Reasoning is a part of almost all major exams conducted in the country and is one of the most scoring sections as well. Reasoning is an inseparable part of all the entrance exams in our country. The verbal reasoning section has been divided into logical reasoning and analytical reasoning. It is based on multiple choice questions which test your logical and thinking ability to interpret a given question or situation and finding out the best answers out of the answer choices.

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General Knowledge (GK) is a key area in all the competitive exams held across the country. Most of the aspirants feel difficulty in scoring good marks in it and hence it stays as one the toughest part to score. To clear it with flying colours, a good knowledge of general awareness is very important. To overcome all this you should have an understanding of the things happening around you. GK covers a huge spectrum ranging from Current affairs to history, India to International.

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Group discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI) and Written Ability Test (WAT) are an integral part of the admission process. It is crucial to know what to say and what NOT to say during a GD and PI and the same goes for WAT. Candidates should know what to write and how to write in 250-300 words within the stipulated time frame of around 20 minutes. An applicant is evaluated and analyzed on the base of his performance at GD-PI and WAT rounds. It is at this stage that makes or breaks your admission chance into a particular college of his choice.

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