The NMAT by GMAC™ exam is entrance test used for admissions to some of the leading graduate business programmers in India. Test takers fill up the NMAT form for admissions to prestigious Narsee Monjee Institute of Management and Science (NMIMS) at Mumbai and Bangalore campus. The test can be taken by a student maximum three times.

The pattern of the test is mostly standardized and therefore below mentioned table may be helpful to a student for preparation. Obviously, the table is developed on past trends and NMAT may decide to tweak something this year.

Test Structure

Total 120 120
Section Subsection (Key Topics) Number of Questions Time (in minutes)
Language Skills 32 22
Vocabulary 12
Grammar 8
Para Jumbles 4
Reading Comprehensions 8
Quantitative skills 48 60
Quant 32
DI 16
Logical Reasoning 40 38
Verbal Logic 12
Logical Reasoning 28

Key Points –

  • Speed based test with no negative marking
    • Student must be advised that if he/she is not able to solve any question, he/she must randomly mark the option then and there instead of waiting for last minutes for this task
  • Cutoff as per the trend – 208-210 marks
    • If 80-90 questions are attempted with good amount of accuracy, then student stands a very good chance of clearing NMAT cutoff
  • Weightage of written test – 70%
    • So high in written test, high chance of converting NM call
  • Choice of section start
    • Student must leverage this option with his/her strongest section

Section Wise Analysis –

  • Language skills
    • Cutoff ranges from 50-55 marks
    • 8 questions from RCs
    • Even if one RC is taken care off in 5-6 minutes and 15 minutes are allocated to rest of the part of verbal, this is better division of time for verbal
  • Quantitative skills (QA + DI)
    • Cutoff ranges from 70-75 marks
    • 15 minutes, at last, should be allocated for solving DI, 45 minutes for other quant questions
    • P&C, Probability, Functions, Maxima/Minima questions find low relevance in NMAT
    • There are around 6 questions on Data Sufficiency, which are simple and can be acted upon in a fairly manageable way
  • Logical Reasoning
    • Cutoff ranges from 60-65 marks
    • Out of 12, 7-8 questions from Verbal Logic are manageable
    • There are around 4 sets for Arrangement and Puzzles with 4 questions each in paper, out of which 2 generally are easily manageable
    • Mental Ability section, that is the remaining 12 questions, comprise of Alphabetical series, Decision making, and Mathematical operations
    • Sometimes this section may contain Data Structure also, which should not be long thought of, as such questions seem to be easily doable but consume decent amount of time

Mantra of Successful Solving –

Language Skills:

In order to crack this section student has to be thorough with his vocabulary. Command on vocab shall provide a lead as one doesn’t waste a lot of time on these questions thinking. The time saved in vocabulary shall be used to solve RC’s. With around 8 questions on Grammar, this is another area where a student has to be well prepared.

Quantitative Skills:

DI being difficult, most of the hope stays on quant. Though, a good practice on easy to medium level quant questions shall suffice. The student should note that he has to solve and move to the next question quickly otherwise he may feel paucity of time. Not getting stuck on a particular question is important. Data Sufficiency questions should be very well practiced before NMAT as they are regularly seen as 5 to 6 questions.

Logical Reasoning:

Student must have solved multiple questions on arrangement and puzzles before taking NMAT and should be quick at solving them. Fair knowledge on Statement assumption/ conclusion is required and one must be prepared to solve some syllogisms in this section.

In a nutshell, NMAT is a speed based test wherein student needs to be on his toes for complete 2 hours. Speedy solving of quant questions, knowledge of Data sufficiency, good command on vocabulary and sound practice on arrangement and puzzles is the key to crack this exam.

All the best!!

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