DO'S and DON'TS Tips before CAT 2022 Exam

Success, like most things, begins with a positive mindset and well-thought-out strategies. Some MBA aspirants preparing for the CAT exam often perform blind hard work without a suitable plan. It is essential to note that candidates can not just ace the preparation by giving mock tests for the CAT exam. A consistent approach and a sought-after CAT resource toolkit are required to succeed in a test like CAT.


While the candidates’ hearts may be racing with mixed feelings, they must observe several basic guidelines and principles for the CAT 2022 exam to be a positive experience. To make your exam experience go as smoothly as possible, we have compiled a list of requirements that candidates must follow and the mistakes to avoid.

The Do’s

MBA aspirants wishing to take the CAT 2022 exam must immediately begin their preparations, as full-proof preparation takes around a year. You must know what strategy to follow, how to improve your scores, and much more. For continual balancing between what to study and a slew of other concerns, we have compiled the below Do’s to follow before the exam.

1. Understanding the Structure of the Exam

The first and significant step in the preparation, which students generally tend to ignore, is knowing the CAT 2022 syllabus and objectively looking at each topic. It will help you understand which topics require more preparation time to plan accordingly. Candidates must also scrutinize the syllabus, pattern of the exam, and essential topics related to the exam very carefully

2. Build Concepts

MBA aspirants must realize that obtaining conceptual clarity is the only way to crack the CAT exam. In this regard, Endeavor Careers recommend you comprehend all of the underlying ideas when answering questions. If necessary, you should gather your doubts and ask the same to a faculty member. It’s important to remember that no doubts are useless. Therefore don’t be afraid to voice your concerns and questions.

3. Identify Strong and Weak Areas

Each aspirant is unique. Their way of studying is distinct. Moreover, their schedules are varied as well. It’s critical to recognize your strengths and weaknesses so that you do not set unreasonable goals and lose momentum. Take the help of a mentor to ensure that you master your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses.

4. Sample Papers and Mock tests

The best CAT mock series and sample papers from Endeavor Careers intend to assist applicants in developing concepts, planning strategies, identifying flaws, and taking steps to correct them. They imitate a variety of CAT variations, which are quite beneficial to aspirants in improving accuracy and speed. It is an essential factor in a student’s performance on the CAT exam. 

5. Refer to the Trusted Coaching Resources

The majority of students are confused about enrolling in CAT 2022 time coaching. Reasons being – they are costly, time-intensive (travel time), and can take up to 10 hours on weekends. However, students can prepare online for CAT 2022 at Endeavor Careers from anywhere in the world at their own pace. We have consistently delivered outstanding outcomes year after year.

The Don’ts

It will not be an easy road to CAT preparation. A lot of things can make you anxious. However, if you avoid the below mistakes, you will ace the exam with flying colors. Here are some Don’ts to keep in mind before the CAT exam. 

1. Lack of Regular Revision

One reason most students panic in the final seconds of the CAT exam is the lack of adequate revision. You may enroll in the best online cat preparation course but still not be adequately prepared due to the absence of revision. Hence, you should review all of the concepts, formulae, and shortcuts you’ve learned on a routine basis. Otherwise, recalling them on the day of the final CAT exam may be challenging. You may keep a separate compilation of all the significant formulae handy in a register or an excel sheet. Furthermore, set aside half a day every week or fortnight to revise all you’ve learned so far.

2. Not Analyzing your Mock Tests

It’s worth noting that IIMs and a few other top B-schools use sectional cut-offs when making admissions decisions. As a result, skipping a few sections or a few types of questions while preparing the entire CAT 2022 syllabus can prove to be a costly mistake. You must thoroughly examine the results of the online test series for the CAT exam, identify troublesome areas/chapters, and work persistently on them. Analyzing the mock tests thoroughly will undoubtedly help you crack the CAT 2022 exam.

3. Being Inconsistent in your Preparation

Preparing for CAT can be draining, but a lack of consistency can cost as much as a good B-school. To stay consistent, candidates should stop worrying about the results and focus more on doing the best currently. Moreover, being consistent does not mean studying all day. Your goal should be to take regular breaks but not break up the preparation strategy. 

4. Not Having a well-planned Timetable

While most students study hard, many do not keep track of their time daily or weekly. Every aspirant is advised to plan their daily preparation by creating a programme and sticking to it. A timetable will help you plan your concept-building sessions, time CAT mock test series, as well as revision sessions. This schedule should be made so that it can be followed practically. 

5. Getting Demotivated

Finally, the most critical misstep to avoid while preparing for the CAT exam is losing motivation. It’s important to remember that studying for the CAT exam is more like running a marathon than a sprint. Students often get demotivated, especially while giving mock tests and feel like giving up on their CAT exam preparation. At this point, they must self-motivate and push themselves to work even harder. Recognize that cracking the CAT in the first attempt is possible and that you are capable of achieving your goals.

Ready to Ace The CAT 2022 exam?

Keep the aforementioned Do’s and Don’ts in mind while you still have a few months until the CAT 2022 exam. You can make a massive difference in this period by referring to the best online coaching for CAT 2022. While one thing is noteworthy that constant guidance is essential to bring consistency to your CAT 2022 preparation. 


However, guidance is not about clearing your doubts or asking you to study when you don’t. It is also about the evolution of your preparation. This is where Endeavor Careers steps in to mentor its students. It is one of the best CAT 2022 time coaching providers in the industry, well known for its stellar results.

Get in touch with us today to leverage our high-end online courses for cat preparation and come up with overwhelming results.

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