Common Admission Test (CAT) is a competitive exam and an essential benchmark to measure one’s capability and intellect for securing an admission in top MBA management institutions. The test is based on ensuring candidates’ capability to handle Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension and, Data Interpretation. 

The current COVID-19 scenario is aggravating day by day, but institutions are making constant efforts to not let the studies be put on hold. The pandemic has put our lives on hold. It has surely affected the education sector. 

CAT online courses

  • Students are unable to attend offline classes for their preparation – Students from all over the country used to attend offline lectures supported by subject experts. 
  • Coaching centres are shut – Since all the coaching centres are shut, proper studies have been affected. Due to the study environment facilitated by coaching centres, students feel motivated to study hard. But studying alone can be nerve-wracking. 
  • Face-to-face interaction with teachers and doubt clearing has suffered – Having a teacher available in class ensures doubt clearing on the spot. Students did not have the need for teachers to come online and wait for their problems to be solved. 
  • Proper guidance is unavailable – Due to social distancing procedures and the unavailability of teachers, students may feel a lack of guidance. Although subject experts also make efforts to be available online, it is difficult to be available online 24/7. 

However, there is an alternative to this. The technological advances have made it possible for students to attend CAT Online lectures aimed at efficiently tackling all doubts of aspirants. 

The offered syllabus is vast to grasp. Therefore, it is best to sift vital information in order to keep track of your steps. In the way of CAT Preparation 2021, one might get lost in the plentitude of information. Curate a list of Must Do’s from the below points to excel in the competitive exam.

How to prepare for the CAT Exam Online during COVID-19?

  1. Time-Based Mock Tests – Since the exam is conducted online, students must know how to navigate through websites for a better beforehand experience. During CAT 2021 exam preparation online, download previous years’ mock test papers and a bunch of test series available. However, these test series should be time-based. Having a clock foundation will set boundaries in your mind and push you to do mathematical calculations quickly. 
  2. Be a Learner, Not a Regretter – Although, it is suggested that the planned schedule be followed religiously, minor modifications are always welcomed. For instance, stretching an hour for solving quantitative sections than the originally planned. Don’t regret it. Your efforts will NEVER go to waste. 
  3. Condition yourself – The best methodology towards CAT Preparation 2021 is to start developing the atmosphere you will be experiencing during the day of CAT 2020 Online exam. Some things to keep in mind
  4. Wake up early and have breakfast on time
  5. Keep only a piece of paper and an ID on the desk (pretend it’s your admit card)
  6. Do not leave the desk before the allotted time for completing one series
  7. Pay attention to instructions
  8. DO NOT start your paper until the timer starts
  9. Questions must be read carefully. Keep special note of words like NOT, DO etc
  10. Evaluation based planning – CAT Online test series are a good way to test ones’ challenging areas. Carefully evaluate in which sections you spent more than the planned time. That can be your hint. So when you plan next week’s chart, slot those subjects on the top.  


  1. Say no to handwritten notes when exams are near – As soon as the exam date draws near, that is when you should stop making handwritten notes. Instead, invest those monumental peak hours for online mock tests as much as possible. 
  2. Revision will save your boat – Towards your fruitful career, there is only a wall of doubt. This can be broken only with the hammer of confidence. This confidence comes when you are sure about your answers. Thus, your revision should be immaculate and precise. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has surely taught us the value of communication. It is to be noted that all the aspirants must stay positive and keep on their journey to succeed in CAT 2020/ 2021.

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