For aspiring law students, CLAT, the acronym for Common Law Admission Test, is the only way to get into one of the prestigious national law universities or NLUs in India. Conducted every year in the second week of the month, the online entrance examination tests the students for 2 hours on topics related to Logical Reasoning, Legal Aptitude, General Knowledge, English, Quantitative Techniques. Successfully clearing the examination means you are into your dream college.

CLAT 2021 means examination is going to be held next year. The aspirants are left with a little less than 12 months, which is enough to crack the exam with flying colors. However, the preparation for CLAT 2021 online needs to be focused, dedicated and streamlined. The aspirant taking the test next year should leave no stone unturned during the preparation.

CLAT 2021 online

According to a mentor associated with one of the leading career guidance institutes, students dream big. They even try to do their best but lack in planning, far-sightedness, and approach. This slackness in the preparatory phase costs high in most of the cases. Therefore, a student must always take into account the following things during their CLAT preparation online to avoid mistakes.

  • Chalking Out Strategies from the Beginning

One of the most common mistakes that students often make is forgetting about planning strategies. They often start with great enthusiasm but by the time they reach the mid of the preparatory phase, they are lost in the vastness of the syllabus. What to read, what not to – everything remains a mess.

Therefore, in order to avoid this, a student who is planning to take CLAT 2021 online should have a concrete strategy from the first day of the preparation. This must include areas of importance, strength, and weaknesses. 

  • Time Management

To crack any prestigious examination, time management plays a crucial role. No matter how brilliant you are, you will be selected based on the score of the entrance test. Therefore, how to make the best use of the two hours should be learnt during the CLAT online mock test. These mock tests are similar to the real ones and help in the assessment of the areas of faults. Analysis of the mock tests should always be done.

  • Be Calm. Be Composed.

In several cases, it is seen that even a brilliant student fails in the final examination. Is it that the person has forgotten what he learnt? No. It is because the test taker panicked and lost his calmness.

According to a career consultant, this is quite common with the students and nervousness can be seen outside the test centers. To overcome this, one must take as many CLAT online mock tests as possible in a strict exam center-like environment. This will help in dealing with the toughest of the questions, trickiest question pattern, etc. Students often overlook the importance of mock tests.

  • Understanding the Basics of the Subjects

Nothing asked is too tough. Instead, the questions are presented in a tricky way. A student will only be able to solve the mock tests and ultimately crack the examination if and only if he/she has thoroughly gone through the study materials for the CLAT preparation online. The modules are well presented to ensure that an average student can also understand the topic.

  • Work Smart & Refrain from Blind Guesses

The preparatory phase is the time when a student gets to know his/her areas of strength and weakness. This assessment helps in framing the strategy for the D-day. Experts suggest that smart work is very much needed apart from working hard. The difficulty level of the CLAT 2021 online test is going to be the same as that of the previous years. Therefore, attempt enough previous year questions. These real tests would help you draw an idea of how to start and proceed during those decisive two hours. In addition to this, one should always refrain from negative guesses as this would bring down the marks.


Blunders are what that becomes sore for the student. Therefore, during these months of preparation, consider almost all the possible best means and methods that would help you to crack the exam with flying colors. Make the best use of the available CLAT online mock tests. This will be the pillar of your success.

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