CLAT day, when all that hard work you put in is going to pay you back. You have your study material with you, in material form as well as in your memory box inside your brain. The key to success is, “You know it all, just Trust your Instincts”.


Let’s call it a day of revision. Do not start a complete fresh topic. No one can do everything, you can do the best you can and keep strengthening your strong points even further. For starters, solve a good number of LA reasoning questions. These questions form a considerable portion and help you in keeping legal principles on tips. Solve some Logical Reasoning questions to keep your mind prepared for those twisting tales in question paper.

By this time you must have prepared some short notes that might come handy during last revision sessions and a few minutes before examination.

Sometimes, giving a quick look at the current (a month old) affairs questions helps you in remembering what the correct option is out of four, if not the entire name. For example, a name like Fillipo Guesseppe may be hard to remember but once you see it with other three options, there is high probability you would mark this as the correct option as you had revised it not long ago.


This tip comes straight out of Granny’s words of wisdom. Sleep well before the examination day. A human brain cannot function well if there isn’t a proper blood flow reaching it. For this, you need to calm down. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and remember the key words – “you know it all”.

Eat Healthy, Drink Healthy:

Any Granny wouldn’t mind giving you this advice too. Eat good, eat on time. You will not like to go to the examination hall with an upset belly. Drink good, drink on time. Stay away from any kind of alcoholic or fizzy beverages. Anything to beat the May heat stroke would do. Butter milk, thandai, fresh lemonade come to the mind when one thinks of beating the heating.

Prepare Your Exam Kit:

Travel light. Pack efficiently but don’t carry an unnecessary burden. Photo ID, examination pass, and basic stationery are all you need to carry. Psst! Do carry your lucky charm, if there’s any. Remember, the examination is computer-based so you would need rough papers and pencil or pens.


Food & Drink:

Need I remind you again what you are supposed to eat? Eat good, eat LIGHT. A bowl of curd always helps you keep your stomach functioning well. ORS solution or plain water will keep you hydrated for the entire day. Too much water can lead to too many breaks for using washroom.


It’s going to be hot and humid. If weather forecast is to be believed, then, you might want to carry an umbrella as well in most parts of India. You never know what arrangements are made in your examination hall to keep it cool and ventilated. Keep a napkin in your kit along with a water bottle.

Handling Anxiety:

Why to worry when you know it all? Still, fear of examination is inevitable. If not fear, at least your brain would be occupied with so many thoughts and lessons to remember so what to do? Simple, deep breath in, breathe out. Remember, you know it all. You know what? Just forget about handling anxiety. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just an exam for which you are prepared. You are going to hit the bull’s eye. Last piece of advice in this section is, stay away from those who make you feel uncomfortable. Especially, the ones who always ask the most irrelevant questions few minutes before examination to make you feel bad about yourself. No one knows it better than you about yourself and what you know is enough.

Show Up Early:

Examination centres are mainly provided by schools and colleges which obviously remain closed on Sundays. Mark your centre on GPS. Enquire about it from local people. One state has generally two to three centres. Having said this, most of you would not be aware of exact location so keeping a few minutes extra always saves last moment troubles.

Stay Positive:

Aren’t you already imagining how awesome your life would be after examination? You must be seeing your future campus and life in it. This is best way to keep up the good vibes. You know it all; you are going to perform well.

During CLAT Exam:

It’s show time! Like a Samurai prepares himself for battle, full of confidence and no fear of consequences, you shall be ready for what is coming. It can’t be so bad when you’re calm and ready. 120 long minutes. Every second counts, make best out of it. There’s nothing ‘cool’ about leaving centre early. You might regret it in future. Trusting first instinct is best strategy but sometimes revising your answers helps you in correcting silliest of mistakes. To err is human and to err silly is a student sitting in examination hall.


You have everything you need. Stop worrying about anything. You’re going to be fine. Just focus on your own screen. That pretty girl in the corner or that handsome hunk on the next system isn’t the last good looking person on the planet. Stop getting distracted. It’s time for payback and just payback. Remember, you are stronger than this examination and you are going to get out of hall satisfied. You know it all!

All the Best,
Team Endeavor