CAT 2021 Tips by Toppers to Score 99%ile in CAT

Your CAT exam strategy plays an equally important role as your problem-solving abilities. You can ace the aptitude questions with rigorous practice. But, how to formulate the perfect exam preparation strategy for CAT 2021?

CAT toppers have their unique mantras of approaching the exam. You can take inspiration from their methodologies, and modify them as per your convenience to devise a plan that’ll help you secure 99 percentile.

The competition continues to grow in this prestigious entrance exam. Here’s a registration summary in the last decade for CAT:

CAT Registration

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We cover several tips shared by CAT toppers in this blog. Endeavor Careers is a one-stop solution to all your CAT coaching worries. We help you understand the exam pattern, take weekly assessments, and follow it up with an exhaustive mock test series.

Is it Possible to Crack CAT in 1st Attempt?

Yes. It’s well and truly possible to ace the CAT exam in a single attempt. Nuhad Bardai (IIM Bangalore) and Somjit Banerjee (IIM Ahmedabad) are just a few among the many toppers who cracked CAT in their 1st attempt.

The question is, what did they do differently? Nuhad felt that it’s all about staying true to yourself during CAT preparation. Her suggestion for all aspirants is to follow a punctual routine of quality study hours and start your preparation well in advance.

Somjit also cracked the CAT exam in his first attempt. His success mantra was to prepare for the exam alongside his degree, and he joined CAT coaching to furnish his problem-solving skills.

He stopped referring to the study material once he began appearing for CAT mock tests. Moreover, he ensured that he didn’t delve into too many reference books and this helped him stay calm during his journey.

It’s safe to say that you can also crack CAT 2021 in your first attempt if you do the basics right, and push the extra mile. You can join Endeavor Careers for your CAT preparation online, and we’ll ensure you’re fully equipped to achieve your business management aspirations.

Tips Shared by Toppers to Score 99%ile in CAT

1. Time-Bound Practice

Karan Shah (IIM Calcutta) is an ardent fan of doing time-bound practice. CAT preparation isn’t just about covering a wide variety of questions. It’s equally critical to solve them well within time during practice to ensure you can replicate the same on the exam day too.

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Therefore, always follow a time-bound approach for your CAT exam preparation for both – MCQ and non-MCQ questions. This will help you develop the optimum speed needed to match the CAT standards and hit the coveted 99 percentile mark.

2. Limited Study Material

It’s imperative that you don’t go overboard with your CAT study material. “Too many cooks spoil the dish” and so do too many reference books. Rahul Malhotra (IIM Kozhikode) followed the approach of sticking to his study material and that paid rich dividends.

You can select any two comprehensive books that cover the targeted subject without diverting your mind towards other CAT study material. The idea should be to gain all the knowledge from an informative source instead of learning bits-n-pieces from several sources.

3. Seriousness Towards Mock Test Series

Meet Agarwal (100 percentile in CAT 2017) appeared for around 30 mock tests as a part of his CAT preparation strategy. His mantra was simple – the best way to accustom yourself to the exam environment before the exam day is via mocks.

Students need to understand that it’s never about the number of mock tests you write. Rather, it’s about the value you take out of each CAT mock test.

A serious candidate looking to crack CAT 2021 shouldn’t miss the opportunity to join Endeavor’s comprehensive CAT mock series. It’s a curated compilation of the previous years’ questions alongside the probable ones for CAT 2021.

4. Expert Guidance

CAT experts make your journey easier by making you aware of the various hurdles that come in your path to glory. Ananya Dalal (IIM Ahmedabad) emphasized seeking expert guidance for each step in his CAT journey, be it related to his strategy or mock test analysis.

CAT 2021 aspirants don’t need to look anywhere beyond the expert faculties at Endeavor Careers for potent guidance. You can also join our online CAT coaching batch to gain conceptual clarity on the CAT topics from the best brains of the country.

5. Refresh your Mind Regularly

You have read a lot about how punctual toppers are with their study routines and learning hours. However, there’s one aspect that students often fail to recognize and include in their CAT preparation schedule. What’s that?

Taking regular breaks from time to time. Yes. You read that right. Your vigor to excel in the exam shouldn’t become a cause of mental stress and social detachment.

Therefore, always dedicate time to recreational activities, much like you do for practicing questions. A healthy mind is welcoming to new concepts while a tired one is desperate for a break.

How to Improve your CAT Score?

1. Understand the CAT Exam Pattern

Students often discount the importance of having an in-depth knowledge of the CAT exam pattern. You can’t have a CAT exam preparation strategy without knowing the sectional distribution of questions, weightage, negative marking, and more. Here’s an overview of the CAT 2021 exam sections and topics:

Image Source: Shiksha

Also find below the marking scheme for this year’s CAT exam:

Image source CollegeDunia

Having this knowledge right from the start helps you with time management during the exam as well as the preparation phase. You get access to all this information alongside one-to-one mentoring when you join Endeavor’s online CAT coaching.

2. Analyze your Strengths and Weaknesses

The best way to improve your CAT score by becoming your own critic, and a strict one too. No one knows about your strengths and weaknesses more than you. Therefore, address them through an optimized CAT preparation plan instead of shying away from them.

The goal is to sharpen your strengths while covering your weaknesses. Note that it’s completely fine to still have a few weaknesses as long as you’re confident about your strengths.

3. Focus on Conceptual Learning

Delcy James (IIM Calcutta) can’t emphasize enough on the importance of focusing on conceptual learning. It’s something that might consume a bit of time initially. However, you’ll soon realize the benefits of having conceptual clarity about the CAT subjects.

You might think, “How to approach concept-based learning?” Don’t worry. Endeavor Careers is there to assist you in your conceptual CAT preparation online. We offer interactive sessions and follow a concept-based approach to ensure you understand what you read, hear, and write.

4. Keep Grinding

You might not achieve the desired CAT score on the very first attempt. However, you need to keep the hustle going and continue to grind with an optimistic mindset. Here’s an overview of the selection process for CAT 2021:

Image source Bschool Careers360

You need to have the go-getter attitude to crack CAT 2021 with flying colors. Equal importance needs to be given to studying, time management, and anxiety management too. Remember, there’s always another attempt available in case you miss your mark.

Ace the CAT Exam

The CAT exam is the pinnacle of all the business management examinations. The pro tips shared by toppers will surely help you during your exam preparation. You must find a way to blend these ideas with what works well for you to formulate an effective examination strategy.

Be it related to CAT coaching, exam preparation strategy, mock series, or anything else – we, at Endeavor Careers, have got you covered. Join our coaching institute today to kick start your CAT preparation journey and get your name on the toppers list!





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