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Endeavors’ BBA IPM Magic Toolkit is a self-preparatory suite of courses accessible as an online platform. It provides a comprehensive set of course offerings that encompasses coaching for a wide variety of BBA IPM Entrance programs in India.

Endeavor’s illustrious pedagogy is based on a five-step approach called LADAR –

  1. Lectures
  2. Assignments
  3. Doubt solving
  4. Assessment & Feedback
  5. Revision

What is the Endeavor BBA IPM Magic Toolkit?

The BBA IPM Magic Toolkit is focused at audience targeting Integrated MBA programs from IIMs and Distinguished B-schools as well as Entrances for elite BBA /BMS colleges in India. The kit covers major BBA Entrance exams likes IPMAT, SET, NPAT, UGAT, Xavier’s, CUET, PDPU, MSU-ET, DUJAT, IPU CET, NCHMCT-JEE, TISS BAT, and IITHSEE in a phased-out manner.

Who should procure BBA IPM Magic Toolkit?

The Magic Toolkit suits the needs of all those who –

  • Are targeting IPM program at IIM and other top BBA institutes across India
  • Can put in 20 to 25 hours a week of preparation for a period of 6 to 8 months


Want to start preparing in advance over a period of 12 to 15 months

  • Are taking the test for the first time and require conceptual clarity
  • Require a phased-out approach for learning and preparation
  • Require focused attention and personal mentoring at regular intervals

What can you avail by when you procure BBA IPM Magic Toolkit?

We ensure a smooth onboarding experience for the students through a detailed video that takes you through the course offerings and provides you with a thorough understanding of the portal. This is followed by a one-to-one introductory session with a faculty member.

The course offers a detailed study plan including a Self- prep planner that can be customized as per your college schedule and timely guidance through emails to ensure that your preparation is on track.

We recommend students go through the videos on a specific topic before referring to the study material to develop a better understanding. Also adhering to the flow of the course will maximize the benefit you can derive from it.

The BBA IPM Magic Toolkit course is delivered through:

  • 120+ Recorded videos assisted with theory notes and 10 e-Textbooks

The pre-recorded videos provide you with the comfort to prepare at your convenient time with an option to pause and continue your learning as required while the theory notes help set the foundation. Our videos are shot using state-of-the-art whiteboard and light board technology suited especially for home viewing. The videos will help you understand the topics in an engaging manner without straining your eyes.

It is advisable to browse through the theory notes before and after the video lecture and then attempt the practice exercises.

The 10 e-Text Books give you access to well-researched and best in industry preparatory material put together by domain experts and developed over a period of more than a decade. These e-books are designed to step by step upgrade your aptitude level across different sections in a phased-out manner.

These books include –

3 books for Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Fundamental 1 & 2; Higher Maths

3 books for Vocab and Reading Comprehension

Vocab Builder, Concise Grammar, and Reading Skills

1 book each for Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, BBA Essential, and BBA Add-ons

These e-books encompass Endeavor’s flagship intensive course curriculum which has helped thousands of our students who are now successful top B-school alumni, including from the IIMs. This tried and tested material by thousands of alumni forms the heart of Magic Toolkit which we now offer to you in an online learning format that is also downloadable for Prepare From Home. These e-books are in a printable format and give you an option to print only the material you require reducing the carbon footprint and creating a healthier world for the future.

  • 300+ Chapter-wise Practice Tests and Sectional Tests: This tool acts as a meter for you to measure the level of your performance after you are through with the course material.

The Practice Tests are conducted at regular intervals, focusing on specific chapters or concepts, and will help you build conceptual clarity. The sectional tests on the other hand are focused on conceptual application in a time-bound manner which helps with speed building and provides exposure to a wide variety of questions across different sections.

We advise the students to keep a track record of their scores and schedule a one-to-one interaction with our Mentors to gauge the level of their performance at this stage. You also have the option of getting your doubts cleared through different forums made available to you or even buy personalized doubt-solving sessions if required.

  • 60+ Full length Mocks covering all BBA IPM entrance exams:

15 IPM specific mocks (10 IIM Indore + 5 IIM Rohtak) SET- 6; NPAT- 10; UGAT- 4; Xavier’s- 2; CUET- 5; PDPU- 2, MSU-ET- 5; DUJAT- 5; IPUCET- 5; NCHMCT-JEE- 3; TISSBAT- 3; IITHSEE- 3

The mock tests are time-bound and give you a very realistic experience of approaching different BBA entrance exams. They provide you with an opportunity to compete with the best brains across India and evaluate your standing at a national level with the help of our online percentile predictor system wherein percentiles are set basis the competition on the day of the exam and not the number of takers taking the exam on the given day.

Each Full-length Mock comes with a video solution and a drilled-down analysis in the form of a detailed video that discusses the best possible approach to tackle each and every Full-length Mock. You also get a detailed Performance Evaluation Report for each Full-length Mock that helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and provides you a comparison of your performance with the top 10% percentile in the country.

At this stage, one-to-one interaction with a Mentor is provided to help fine-tune the student’s test strategy and assist with the selection of the target management institutes

BBA IPM Magic Toolkit, BBA IPM Magic Toolkit Compact, BBA IPM 2022, BBA IPM 2023, BBA IPM 2022 Online Coaching, BBA IPM 2022 Online Course

Our Endeavors’ BBA IPM Magic Toolkit Compact, which is a compact online course curriculum specifically tailored to help expedite preparation, comprises all the ingredients of the Magic Toolkit course except the E-books. This course is specifically tailored for students aiming for Top B-Schools but owing to time-constraint can dedicate 15 to 20 hours of preparation per week.

Magic is not over yet.

BBA IPM Magic Toolkit comes with more than a few additional features to facilitate inspire success

  • 3 One to One mentoring sessions: Will help you channelize your efforts in the right direction by providing perspective on your key strengths and how to work around your weak areas.
  • 3 Personal Interview sessions for practice: Gives you a realistic experience of facing an actual B-School interview along with detailed feedback for improvement. These are supported by one-to-one interaction for calls of all colleges.
  • PI and WAT value-added sessions: These sessions are aimed at assisting you with perfecting your Statement of purpose and to equip you with the right strategies for the PI and WAT.
  • Dedicated Online Forums for doubt resolution and access to Student Cohorts: The dedicated forum helps you to resolve your doubts promptly. Student cohorts are groups of like-minded students that facilitate peer learning.
  • Monthly E-magazine “Genesis”: It covers all the relevant topics for general knowledge and current affairs to keep you updated for GK-based questions and interviews.
  • Monthly GK Capsule and Weekly News Blog: These will help you stay abreast of the current happenings across the world.
  • Webinars & Workshops: Access to webinars on diverse topics like Vedic Mathematics, Vocabulary Skill building, Reading Skills Development, GK including National and International Events. And lastly, the workshop series on test-taking, score improvement, strategy and Exam-oriented preparation and strategy for all exams like IPMAT, SET, NPAT, UGAT, Xavier’s, CUET, PDPU, MSU-ET, DUJAT, IPU CET, NCHMCT-JEE, TISS BAT, IITHSEE, and acing various PIs for final admissions completes our course offering.

Let the MAGIC begin!

Dream. Endeavor. Achieve

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