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Knowledge can only be volunteered; it cannot be conscripted: Dave Snowden

Education is a space that has seen a lot of disruption over the last few years, and we have learned that various institutions have taken several measures to transform their curriculum and their entire mode of delivery.

Your experiences at various B-Schools/Law-Schools/Universities in India/Abroad, and at Corporate Houses will be of great value to your juniors who are seeking guidance on career development. Our effort is to help aspirants learn and prepare better; in this effort, your contribution will be paramount.

Endeavor’s Alumni Web Series is a platform where we invite our alumni to come forward and take up knowledge-sharing topics of their choice and share the same with their fellow juniors. You can choose subjects from Test-Prep, GD-PI, Campus Life, or Career in specific domains or for that matter, any other topic where you have expertise.

Fill up the participation form below and we will get in touch with you to plan, and conduct the session. Thank you very much in advance!

PAST SESSIONS: Alumni Web Series

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