AILET 2022 Exam Analysis, AILET 2022 Analysis, AILET 22 Paper Analysis

Damn! That was the response of the first 20 of our AILET 2022 students who reported after the paper. 

Of course, there was a change in format. Of course, AILET 2022 got squeezed between CLAT 2022 and SLAT 2022. Of course, there was preparedness for some surprise. And of course, CLAT releasing its answer key and scores was an unwanted distraction just a day before AILET. But no one was prepared for so many surprises.  

AILET 2022 Exam Paper Pattern

AILET 2022 had 150 questions, with +1 for each correct and –0.25 for each incorrect answer.  

Overall Difficulty Level: Significantly easier than AILET 2021.  

Will the cut-offs go higher? Yes. A big YES. 

What should you do next? Focus on the upcoming tests.  Whatever might be your performance on the previous tests, your dream to be in a top law school in 2022 is still very much alive. And nothing except your decision to give up will kill that dream. So, just don’t give up.  Whatever it takes! 

Section  Total Questions  Overall Difficulty  Ideal time  Good attempts  Good score 
English  50  Moderate  30 minutes  32 – 35   28 – 30 
General Knowledge  30  Easy  10 minutes  24 – 26   20 – 22  
Logical Reasoning  70  Easy to Moderate  50 minutes  58 – 60    50 – 52  
Total  150  Easy to Moderate  90 minutes  110 – 115  104+ 


AILET 2022 Exam Analysis: Summary

  1. No one would want to start with the English section. No standalone questions, only passages, and Grammar and Vocabulary questions through passages. The passages were not difficult, but the extra time to read a passage and the shock factor forced us to label the section Moderate. We know that many of our students and many other test-takers across India would easily score 35+ in the English section.  
  2. General Knowledge was a breeze – a complete antithesis to CLAT GK. Barely 5-6 questions on static GK and everything else from current awareness. Even current awareness topics were largely known/familiar ones, unlike CLAT which dug out questions from nooks and corners. All the efforts into reading newspapers and Endeavor’s Genesis module paid off extremely well in the AILET 2022 GK section.  
  3. With 7 Legal Reasoning questions, ample number of Logical Reasoning questions, and that tedious puzzle-solving restricted to just 4 questions, this section was undoubtedly easier than expected, and worth giving the additional time considering it had the highest number of questions. Of course, NLU Delhi loves its law students with a strong reasoning acumen.  

If you were able to attempt 100+ questions on the paper, you did a great job. Anything less than that for a general category applicant could be a concern, but it should not be. Because there are more to come. The others will be easier. You will get into a good law school. Because more than anyone else, you deserve to be there. 

Good luck with everything ahead!

AILET 2022 Exam Analysis: Sectional Analysis

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