Endeavor Skills

Turning back and tracing the journey which has helped transform the lives of students is one of the biggest achievements. Having many skills to learn and opportunities to gain, helps the country’s youth identify their calling in life and transform them into reality by exposing them to the right and aspirational minds. We, through Endeavor Skills, help students with all the educational requirements to pursue their higher education with established institutes. Endeavor skillset vision carries forward in working with the bottom of society’s pyramid to skill them and provide gainful employment to change their lives.

Endeavor Careers started with a Learner Paid Model in 2012, as one of its foundations to expand the horizons for students. Intending to bridge the current employability gap in mainstream education, it helps the students get the best possible career. Also, with this model, the aim is to help the candidates with the skillset and verified programs alongside job help so that the growth does not remain for certain vertices but is lifelong.

As the brainchild of the Government of India, the Skill India mission was initiated. We partnered with the GOI in 2015. Endeavor Skills finds its registration under the DDUGKY scheme and is affiliated with the Jharkhand Skill Development Mission Society by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, alongside the National Urban Livelihood Mission by the Government of Jharkhand. The organization has received huge recognition for its contribution to unemployed rural youth belonging to states like Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Odisha, and Assam.

The curators of Endeavor Careers are focusing on holistic development for all who enroll for employment opportunities. Also, the work doesn’t stop here. The idea is to train the people and help create the idea of a sustainable livelihood step-by-step. It strengthens the niche of skill development amongst the youth.

What will you learn with us?

  • Placement opportunities
  • Support for migration
  • Training method
  • Trainers’ training
  • Constant and in-house grievance cell
  • Parents’ counseling before placement opportunities
  • Engagement of the students
  • Interaction with corporate recruiters

Life at Endeavour is the path of monitoring a huge segment of candidates’ growth. It makes sure that they get through the selection process and are well-placed. Hence, the placement tie-ups are with more than 60 established corporates. We have already catered to more than 10,000 advanced placement commitments.

Endeavor Skills is working towards creating a better India. Dream, Endeavor, Achieve!

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