Maharashtra Common Entrance test brings hopes on the minds of lakhs of aspirants every year. In fact, every year the list has been increasing with the success ratio as well. This exam is the key to entering some of the pioneer colleges concerning the most promising courses of engineering. 

However, similar to any other entrance exam, this one requires a lot of perseverance and persistence, too. Rather than trying to grab quick success forms, it is very important to remain calm and keep your hard work consistent. 

Well! Here is a little list to add to your preparations list to help you sail through the MHCET exam 2021 online and come out with flying colors.

MHCET Exam 2021 Online

5 things to keep in mind while writing and even preparing your appearance in the MHCET exam 2021 online

Here we go!


  • Know your syllabus


Before you begin to make up your mind for appearing in any examination, it is very important to know its syllabus very well. Knowing your syllabus will halfway simplify your job and help you understand every question and its relationship with the syllabus you have already studied. This can be your magic wand, right from the very beginning to the time you are appearing for the exam.


  • Do not forget the basics


Never forget the basics taught to you for appearing in the exam. Make sure you follow all those instructions that were quite initially explained to you. The initial instruction passed from the seniors to your mentors is vital for you while you are writing the MHCET 2021 online


  • Read the instructions carefully


Before you start the exam, there is always an ample amount of time to read the instructions very carefully. Do not waste a single second of that and make sure to read every instruction before you begin. Half of your confusion can be resolved with well-read instructions of the MHCET exam 2021 online.


  • Keep a keen eye on every question before attempting


Always remember that none of the questions are co-related. Each one has its query language and request. Thus, to attempt each one correctly, make sure to read every question, thoroughly to create the right answer out of it. Questions can be tricky and even small add-ons would direct it to a different answer, so before you begin solving, make sure you have understood the same clearly to avoid negative marking.


  • Time Management and Negative Marking


Time management is the essence of cracking every exam, the same goes for the MHCET exam 2021 online. It is very important to keep a check on how long you need to invest in a single question and write the exam accordingly. MHCET online test series can be a great help in this regard. Practice as many test series as you can to follow the right schedule and finish the test within time. Another very important aspect of succeeding in these entrance exams is to keep a check on your negative mark score. Gaining unnecessary negative marks over blindly trying to answer a question based on your intuition is never helpful. So, make sure to answer a question, only if you are 100% right. 

Keep these 5 vital points in your mind while writing the MHCET exam 2021 online to succeed in the exam without any troubles. If your preparations are at the peak, keeping these points in mind will surely help you get through this entrance exam. With several aspirants appearing for the exam, make sure to give your best shot to succeed with flying colors.

2 comments thoughts on “5 Things to Keep in Mind While Writing the MHCET exam 2021 online”

  1. Actually, the time at when I filled the mh cet form in the month of Feb, and I was in the jaipur for preparation so I filled my at jaipur.
    But after that scence of lockdown and railway is not working.
    I’m.a native of prayagraj (allahabad) so the trains are cancelled till 12th of August.
    Please help me the date of exam is on 24th
    of July.
    Now how can I give the exam.
    Because it is risky and impossible for me to travel at jaipur without train

    1. Hi Ravi,

      We reckon you should:

      1. Call up the helpline/ mail MHCET cell and ask the process for center transfer.
      Tel no- 022-22016159/57/34/19/28
      2. If the transfer not possible, keep the option of driving down to Jaipur.

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