5 Questions to ask while Analyzing Mocks

With CAT 2018 being round the corner, the aspirants have already started appearing for regular mock exams. These exams are very important as they help the aspirant to check the preparation level. Those who get good scores in the mocks are happy and those who perform badly get demotivated. Whatever level you are at right now, you can end up with much better score in the actual examination if you practice, revise and analyze mocks properly in this phase of the preparation. While analyzing mocks, these are the five questions that a student should ask himself/herself:

  1. Why did I leave this question?

On an average, in every mock exam, a student leaves approximately 40-50% of the questions. So, it is important to know whether it was worth leaving the question and the reason for not attempting. When proper analysis is done, it is found out many times that there were at least 4-6 questions in every section that the student could have got right among the ones left not attempted. Attempting those would have increased his/her score in the exam. Thus, this process helps the student to make better selections in the future mock exams.

  1. Why did I get this question wrong?

A student should be aware why he/she is getting incorrect answers. There are various reasons for getting a wrong answer. Of them, the most common ones are – silly mistake, judgement error and conceptual mistake. If it is due to a silly mistake, then the next time the student should be more careful while answering. For judgement error, the question selection becomes very important, because many times, a question is not as easy as it looks. The third one, conceptual error can be reduced with more practice of that chapter/area.

  1. What type of questions am I getting correct easily?

Everybody has some strong areas and some weak areas, but many of us are unaware of the same. If a student knows the kind of questions he/she is getting correct always, that will help him/her to pick those questions in the future mocks first. Thus, he/she will not only get more correct answers but also will be able to do better time management. And it is always advised that while appearing for any test, you should always start with the questions that fall in your strong area and then attempt the rest.

  1. Which chapters to revise immediately?

The answers to the previous three questions will help the student to decide on the chapters to revise immediately depending on his/her strength, weakness and errors. Once regular revision work is done, the scores will improve. Before appearing for the next mock, the student should be ready with the revision. This is a continuous process that the student needs to follow till the day of the exam.

  1. What should I do in the next mock?

A strategy always helps in any kind of an exam situation. So, it’s very important that after analyzing the mock exam, a list is made of the dos and don’ts, and using that the student devises a strategy for the next mock. This is a process that needs to be followed for each mock.

If these 5 questions are answered during mock analysis, there is a very high chance that the student will see improvement in the score – because at the end of the day, score matters!

Written by:

Samrat Roy

Team Endeavor

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