4 pointers make cat online test series

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CAT 2018 is fast approaching and if you’re appearing for the exam, preparations must be in full swing. We all know the importance of testing our knowledge before the actual CAT, here are some tips to maximize your performance in the actual examination.

1. Practice. Test. Practice. Repeat.
We cannot put enough emphasis on the necessity to practice before the D-day. However, it is absolutely essential to practice throughout your preparation. The best way is to take up as many practice tests as possible. Online test series generally give sectional and topic wise tests. These are critical for you to understand your weak areas. Identify them and work towards improvement. Follow it up with a full length mock. You should see the outcome of your efforts in your score. Don’t forget to see the video analysis of every mock that you take. Once you have got a hang of this routine, keep repeating until you are confident.

2. Analyze. Analyze. And then analyze some more.
It’s very easy to get caught in the whole pressure of learning and testing. However, what sets apart an 80-85 percentile from a 90+ percentile is the smart work and not just the hard work. Most test series come with exhaustive analysis that can really guide you in preparation. Don’t get stuck up with just your score or percentile. There is smart analytical data available that you should know where to look for. See how much time you spent on questions that you got wrong. See whether this can be avoided. Check what happens to your percentile if you score just one extra correct in every section. Do a detailed analysis of every section. An online test series lets you track your progress over time. You can also track your progress according to every section. This is one of the most important tools that will help you plan your preparation vis a vis your goals and the time you have left before CAT.

3. Compete. Nationally.
Your main aim is not acing the exam, but getting a good score in comparison with all other candidates. Hence it becomes essential to know where you stand in relation to the test taking population. Every institutes offers free All India Mock tests. Lot of these can be taken from home at your convenience. Always make it a point to appear for a few at least. This way you can compete with students from other cities and institutes. Another good way is to see your all India ranks and follow the leaderboard that is provided with your test series.

4. Thou art thy discipline.
For any online course, it is essential to have a set routine that you follow religiously. Introspect and see which time of day suits you best for studying, for how many hours at a stretch can you study, what sections you can rotate to increase your concentration and sitting capacity. Once you have this self-awareness, make a daily routine. Remember, discipline is the bridge to your dream college.

Most importantly, remember that the reason most students don’t get to their dream college is not because they weren’t good or didn’t study hard, but they somewhere gave up trying hard.
We repeat, anyone can achieve the college of their dreams.

Now that you are all set, endeavor for your dream college and achieve that score.

All the best.

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